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Treatment Options

Were you arrested and charged with a drug-related offense in Ventura County? If so, you may be eligible for a drug diversion program. This means you may be able to get drug treatment instead of going to jail or prison. In California, there are two primary drug treatment diversion programs: Proposition 36 and PC-1000.

Treatment Options

At Strongest Defense, we help clients understand and take full advantage of all available drug treatment options. Our criminal defense lawyer will protect your rights, your freedom, and your future. To set up a free, fully confidential consultation with an experienced California drug crimes defense lawyer, please contact our Ventura office today.

In November 2000, California voters passed Proposition 36—a law creating new drug treatment options for qualifying individuals who were convicted of nonviolent possession offenses. Here are five things to know about Prop 36:

  • Prop 36 is one of California’s drug diversion programs. It allows for the dismissal of a charge after completion of treatment.
  • Drug treatment varies. It may include: Drug education, outpatient care, detoxification, and/or narcotic replacement therapies.
  • Only non-violent offenders are eligible for treatment under Prop 36. A violent charge will disqualify a defendant.
  • If you make a mistake during Prop 36 diversion, you can still get another chance. Though, three violations will result in an expulsion.
  • You do not have to choose Prop 36 drug treatment at the beginning of your case. You can still qualify even if you take your case to trial and lose.

Prop 36 diversion is a sensible option for many people who were charged with a nonviolent drug possession offense. If you have any questions or concerns about whether or not Prop 36 diversion is the right treatment option for you, Ventura County criminal defense lawyer David Lehr can help. We are always prepared to fight aggressively to defend your rights. If drug diversion is your best option, our team can help you find the right program.

California Penal Code 1000 (PC-1000) is also known as the ‘deferred entry of judgment’ or ‘DEJ’ program. It is an alternative drug diversion program to Prop 36. Here are three key things to know about California PC-1000.

  • PC-1000 shares some similarities with Prop 36—the diversion program is primarily for nonviolent drug offenders and completion can lead to your charge being dismissed.
  • Unlike with Prop 36, California Penal Code 1000 does not require that a formal probation sentence is entered against the defendant.
  • California judges retain considerable discretion under PC-1000. Prop 36 requires a judge to order diversion for a qualifying defendant. However, under PC-1000, a judge could determine a defendant is ‘unsuitable’ for treatment.

If you have questions about PC-1000 and drug treatment, we are more than ready to help. Contact our Ventura law office today or send us a message directly online for your free, no obligation case evaluation.

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At Strongest Defense, we provide strong, results-focused legal representation to people facing drug possession and drug trafficking charges. Our team will help you or your loved one explore all available treatment options, including under Prop 36 and PC-100. No attorney can guarantee a particular outcome in a drug possession case.The site is for informational purposes only and does not establish an attorney/client relationship.

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