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Unlike other counties, individuals who plead guilty or are convicted in driving under the influence (DUI) cases in Ventura County are generally going to face jail time. Ventura is notoriously strict in bringing and prosecuting DUI charges, so if you are facing DUI charges in Ventura, it is strongly in your best interests to have a knowledgeable and experienced local DUI defense attorney on your side.

At The Law Offices of David Lehr, our Ventura DUI attorney has handled literally thousands of DUI cases. We have a record of success helping our clients beat their charges and minimize the punishment for DUI convictions. If you are concerned about facing jail time for your Ventura DUI, request a free consultation today to learn how we can help with your case.

Jail Time for Ventura DUI Convictions

Jail Time for First-Time DUIs In Ventura

On a standard first-time Ventura DUI, you will have the option of spending forty-eight hours in jail or serving five days of work release. If you choose to serve jail time, you will pick the day and time that you want to remand yourself. Many people choose to do their time over a weekend, from 7:00pm on Friday to 7:00pm on Sunday. This option works best for people who work Monday through Friday and do not want their employers to know about their DUI convictions.

In cases involving accidents and extremely high alcohol levels, the District Attorney’s Office will occasionally seek more than forty-eight hours of jail time for first time misdemeanor DUIs – in some cases up to ten days. Due to our extensive knowledge of the Ventura DUI court process and experience handling Ventura DUI cases, we are routinely successful in having these cases treated as standard first-time DUIs with the standard forty-eight our jail sentence.

Jail Time for Second DUIs in Ventura

For individuals facing sentencing for a second Ventura DUI, the potential jail time typically ranges from about thirty to ninety days. The length of your sentence will depend on:

  • Your alcohol level;
  • The age of your prior Ventura DUI conviction;
  • Any probation violations from the prior conviction; and,
  • Other factors unique to the particular charges in your case.

If your sentence is thirty days or longer, you have the option to seek work furlough instead of jail time, and we can help you present your case to the judge.

Jail Time for Third DUIs in Ventura

On a third-time Ventura DUI charge, the potential jail sentence typically ranges from about 120 to 180 days. The same factors come into consideration as apply for second-time DUIs; and, also like second-time DUIs, you have the option to petition for work furlough instead of serving time in jail.

Due to overcrowding, most individuals incarcerated for a second or third DUI conviction typically end up serving about two-thirds of their total sentence.

Jail Time for Ventura DUIs Involving Personal Injury

If your DUI involved an accident that resulted in a serious personal injury to anyone other than yourself, the potential jail time increases substantially. If you are facing charges for a DUI involving a serious accident, you should seek experienced legal representation immediately.

Free Consultation with a Ventura DUI Defense Lawyer

If you are surprised and scared to learn that you are facing possible jail time for a Ventura DUI, you are not alone. We have helped numerous people in your position, and we will provide the same competent, courteous and passionate legal representation to try to keep you out of jail. To schedule a free consultation with our Ventura DUI defense attorney, contact The Law Offices of David Lehr  today.

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