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Selecting a DUI Lawyer in Ventura County

When facing DUI charges in Ventura County, having the right defense attorney on our side can make all the difference. The following are some important points to consider when evaluating potential Ventura DUI lawyers for your case.

Qualities to Look for in a Ventura DUI Lawyer

  • Knowledgeable About Ventura DUI Defense – This may sound obvious, but it is extremely important. If you choose a DUI attorney in Simi Valley who is not up to date on California’s DUI laws and possible defenses to DUI allegations, you will not receive the best possible legal representation.
  • Experienced Trying and Negotiating Ventura DUIs – Some Ventura DUI attorneys will tell you that you can face up to a year in jail for a misdemeanor DUI conviction. While this is technically true, for a typical first-time DUI you are looking at the standard minimum sentence of forty-eight hours. As a result, an attorney who tells you this is either (i) trying to scare you into hiring them, or (ii) inexperienced in Ventura DUI defense. Either way, you will be better off with an experienced, straight-forward Ventura DUI attorney on your side.
  • Focused on DUI Defense – While general practitioners are great lawyers for certain situations, DUI defense isn’t one of them. Especially in Ventura – which is one of the toughest counties in the nation when it comes to prosecuting DUIs – you need an attorney who tries and negotiates DUI cases in the Ventura County courthouse on a daily basis. These cases involve a complex set of issues implicating California DUI laws, field sobriety test standards, evidentiary issues, Constitutional rights, various defenses, and overall DUI defense strategy that can only be properly handled by an attorney who focuses his or her practice in DUI defense.
Making an Informed Decision About Your Ventura DUI Lawyer
  • Do Some Research – The outcome of your Ventura DUI case can have substantial implications for you and your family. Not only are you facing the immediate consequences of losing your driver’s license and spending time in jail, but you are also facing years of probation, increased insurance costs, and potentially even practical limitations on your ability to find employment. As a result, you need to take choosing a Ventura DUI lawyer very seriously. You should spend time reading lawyer websites and reviews, and educating yourself about California DUI rights and the procedures, defenses and penalties involved in Ventura DUIs.
  • Ask Lots of Questions – Before you decide on a Ventura DUI lawyer, you should make sure that you are comfortable with his or her approach to handling your case. In the end, a good lawyer provides representation and advice based upon years of experience and professional development, but all final decisions in your case should rest with you. If a lawyer pushes you to plea or take your case through to trial without evaluating your particular circumstances or explaining the consequences to you, you will likely be better off with someone else.

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