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Resources for Individuals Arrested for DUI in Ventura County

The following resources provide relevant information for individuals facing DUI charges in Ventura County.

These are third-party resources, and The Law Offices of David Lehr does not endorse – and is not responsible for – their content. While these resources are intended to provide useful information, they are not a substitute for speaking with an experienced and qualified Ventura DUI lawyer about your case.

Ventura DUI Resources

  • Ventura County Superior Court Website – Information about the court that tries Ventura County DUIs (located across the street from The Law Offices of David Lehr)
  • Ventura County District Attorney’s Office – Information about the Ventura County prosecutor
  • Ventura County Detention Services – Information about Ventura County jails
  • Ventura County Adult Facilities – Information on work furlough and work release

California DUI Resources

  • DUI FAQs from the California DMV – Useful resource providing information on temporary licenses, DMV hearings, and administrative driver’s license suspensions.
  • Information About Administrative License Suspension Hearings from the California DMV – FAQs about DMV administrative hearings and how they relate to DUI court cases
  • Drinking Driver Program (Alcohol School) – Information on the California Drinking Driver Program provided by the National Traffic Safety Institute

California DUI Statutes

  • California Vehicle Code (“VC”) Section 23152 – The California statute that defines and prohibits “driving under the influence” (DUI) and driving with a BAC of 0.08% or above
  • California VC Section 23153 – The California statute that applies to DUIs that result in personal injury
  • California VC Section 23536 – Penalties for First-Time DUIs under Section 23152
  • California VC Section 23540 – Penalties for a Second DUI Conviction under Section 23152 within ten Years
  • California VC Section 23546 – Penalties for a Third DUI Conviction under Section 23152 within ten Years
  • California VC Section 23554 – Penalties for a First Conviction under Section 23153
  • California VC Section 23560 – Penalties for a Second Conviction under Section 23153 within ten Years
  • California VC Section 23566 – Penalties for a Second Conviction under Section 23153 within ten Years

Alcohol Treatment and Recovery

  • California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs – Provides prevention, treatment and recovery services for individuals struggling with alcohol or drugs
  • Alcoholics Anonymous – Local support groups for individuals with a desire to stop drinking

California Legal Resources

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