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A felony DUI conviction in California is no small burden. With years of incarceration, thousands of dollars in fines, and long-term implications for your criminal record on the line, felony DUI charges absolutely must be taken seriously. This starts with hiring a defense lawyer who you are confident can help you obtain the best possible outcome in light of your arrest.

Special Considerations in Hiring a Felony DUI Lawyer

Why Should I Hire a Felony DUI Lawyer?

There are several reasons why it is important to hire an experienced defense attorney to represent you in your Ventura felony DUI case. First and foremost, an experienced DUI attorney will simply know more about your options, the steps you should take, and what defenses might be available to help you avoid conviction or minimize the consequences of your arrest. Even if you “know you are guilty,” it is very possible that there are valid defenses available to have your felony DUI charges reduced or dismissed.

Further, the severity of the consequences of a felony conviction makes hiring an experienced Ventura DUI attorney well worth the investment. Fines, prison time and driver’s license suspension aside, a felony conviction has additional repercussions that can place you in dire straits if you ever find yourself facing additional felony allegations down the road. Felony DUI convictions are “priorable” for subsequent DUIs, meaning that for any future DUI you will be facing significantly increased penalties as a result of your felony conviction.

In addition, certain felony DUIs count as a “strike” for purposes of California’s Three Strikes Law. Under the Three Strikes Law, repeat offenders can face life in prison even for non-violent subsequent felony convictions.

What Should I Look for in a Felony DUI Lawyer?

When choosing a defense lawyer for your Ventura felony DUI case, it is important to hire someone who gives you confidence in his or her abilities. This means hiring someone:

  • Who is knowledgeable about the defenses available in the various types of felony DUI cases;
  • Who has experience obtaining favorable results felony DUI cases;
  • Who is familiar with the local court system, prosecutors and police department;
  • Who is straightforward and open about explaining your options and his or her fee structure; and,
  • Who you feel is someone you can trust.

While some felony DUI cases can be resolved relatively quickly, with felony charges it will often take a year or longer negotiate a favorable plea agreement, convince the District Attorney to drop or reduce your charges, or go through the motions to prepare for trial. As a result, you need an attorney who is willing to take on your cause as his or her own, and who is both willing and able to provide vigorous representation over the long haul.

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