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Mayhem is the act of dismembering, cutting, or making useless another person’s body parts, such as arms, legs, feet, or eyes, either on purpose or in a fight. Mayhem is commonly known as maiming, and its violent nature classifies it for aggravated assault, a serious felony. If you are facing maiming or mayhem charges in Ventura, CA, there is no better team to turn to than our Ventura mayhem defense attorneys. 

Mayhem is a form of assault and battery. This crime primarily centers on the severity of the victim’s injuries, as stated in the California Penal Code Sections 203 and 205. The punishment for a serious offense is more severe than for a less-serious one. 

It is considered aggravated when someone uses force or fear to commit an offense. Penal Code Section 203 states that the victim’s injuries typically disable or disfigure them. If you are facing this charge, you need a team of Ventura mayhem defense attorneys in your corner. 


Top Ventura Mayhem Defense Attorneys

David Lehr Law provides strong legal representation for clients in the Ventura, Oxnard, and Southern California areas facing a mayhem charge. Facing these charges and standing trial can be intimidating and complicated, and a criminal defense attorney from the law office is the individual to trust in this situation. An attorney can help you understand the system and fight for you to get the best outcome. 

Mayhem is a severe offense and could bring about serious penalties when charged. Get in touch with the best Ventura mayhem defense attorneys who can fight for you in court and help you understand your rights as the defendant. 

Even if you are the accused, you still deserve the right to be heard and the right to a fair trial. Schedule an appointment with the Ventura mayhem defense attorneys for legal advice immediately. 

Why Do I Need Ventura Mayhem Defense Attorneys?

If you are facing a criminal case due to mayhem or the act of maiming, it is crucial to have criminal defense lawyers by your side. Criminal defense lawyers can help inform you of the court proceedings and educate you on California law and your rights as the defendant. Of course, you deserve to have your side of the story told and heard. Lawyers are the go-to people to help you get a better outcome from this case. 

There are many ways the criminal defense attorneys at Strongest Defense can help you get a better outcome during this violent crime. Among them are:

  • Availability. The criminal defense attorney is available by phone  24/7/365 for your convenience. 
  • A case database is available for clients to check the status of their pending cases. 
  • Every message is responded to before leaving the office to ensure that everyone is well-attended.  

The law firm’s criminal defense attorney David Lehr has been in the legal profession for 28 years, servicing the Ventura area clients in various areas, from drug crimes to violent crimes and even first-time California DUI. The law firm is committed to providing personalized attention to each case, plus results that are best suited for your situation. 

If you are facing a criminal charge such as mayhem charges, reach out to the best Ventura mayhem defense attorneys from Strongest Defense.


What is Mayhem?

Mayhem is a crime involving harming another individual, resulting in injury and disfigurement. This grave crime can be charged as an aggravated assault or a felony offense. Heavy penalties usually await those who have been found guilty of mayhem charges. 

Dealing with mayhem or any other misdemeanor or felony charge can be daunting especially if this is your first time to stand trial. In this case, you would need the legal assistance of a Ventura mayhem defense attorney from David Lehr Law who can help you navigate the criminal law process.

What Counts as Mayhem?

The crime may be charged as “aggravated mayhem” if you intentionally caused someone a permanent disability or disfigurement, or deprived the person of a limb or organ. The difference between mayhem and aggravated mayhem is that with aggravated mayhem, the defendant intentionally caused harm, while with regular mayhem, the act was malicious but not intentional.

California Penal Code 203 governs the crime of mayhem. The legal definition of mayhem is “the act of unlawfully or maliciously” causing harm to another person by:

  • Depriving the person of a body member (e.g., a limb). Mayhem charges could apply if a person loses a limb due to her actions.
  • Disabling, disfiguring, or rendering a body member useless. When your action results in a temporary or permanent disability or disfigurement, the charge could be mayhem. Disfigurement can be a scar left by an injury you inflicted.
  • Cutting or disabling the tongue. If you cut someone’s tongue rendering the person disabled, you will face mayhem charges.
  • Causing someone to lose sight in an eye. When you knock someone’s eye out or render someone blind, the charge could be mayhem.
  • Slitting the lip, ear, or nose. You could face mayhem charges even if you accidentally slit someone’s lip while you were otherwise trying to harm them.

To be convicted of mayhem, the prosecutor must prove that you acted maliciously. A malicious act means that you intentionally meant to cause harm or you intended to injure someone else. If you injured a person by accident, mayhem charges should not apply.

You could face mayhem charges if you intended to hurt someone but did not want to harm them so severely. Enlist the help of Ventura mayhem defense attorneys who can inform you on the nature of criminal law.

What are the Penalties for Mayhem?

Permanent disfigurement can include any body part, not necessarily areas not covered by clothing. The prosecutor need only prove that the injury occurred, regardless of the outcome. The injury could heal, and you will still face mayhem charges.

  • If you are convicted of mayhem, you will face up to eight (8) years in prison and fines of up to $10,000. The sentence could be enhanced depending on the circumstances.
  • Aggravated mayhem carries higher penalties and could include a life sentence in prison with the possibility of parole. Mayhem is a violent felony that falls under the three strikes law.
  • In California, when you are convicted of a violent felony, you receive one strike. A second conviction doubles the penalties. A third conviction results in 25 years to life in prison.

Call our Ventura Mayhem Defense Attorneys Now!

Mayhem might be lumped together with assault and battery, but several definite differences help categorize one from the other. Mayhem’s gruesome nature involves dismembering or disfiguring another individual, be it on purpose or in a fight, usually removing their arms, legs, eyes, or other body parts. 

Mayhem can result in almost a decade of prison time and a fine of up to $10,000. For this legal ordeal, you need the help of Ventura criminal defense lawyers. 

Schedule an appointment immediately with David Lehr Law, Ventura, CA’s top criminal defense lawyer, who can help you face violent crime charges. The attorney is available round the clock to assist you with any legal concerns, providing personalized legal solutions to your problems and helping you get the best possible outcome. Get in touch with an experienced criminal defense attorney right now.

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