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Are you facing embezzlement charges? Are you seeking legal help to protect yourself?  Facing legal charges can be stressful and complicated. David Lehr Law can serve as your Ventura embezzlement attorney. 

David Lehr Law has over 28 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer and will walk you through the court process step by step while fighting for the most favorable outcome. If you are in a legal dispute and face a federal criminal conviction, contact our experienced Ventura criminal defense attorney right away.

Why Do I Need an Embezzlement Attorney in California?

A conviction for embezzlement usually results in a fine, prison term, or both. Each state has its own penalty scheme; the severity of the sanctions varies depending on the quality or kind of item taken. Criminal prosecution may ensue, which can be distressing for the accused. 

A criminal defense attorney is essential, especially when it comes to your freedom and defending your legal rights. That is why it is vital to hire a Ventura embezzlement attorney. We have over two decades of criminal defense experience. We can assist you.

What makes a competent embezzlement lawyer?

Anyone accused of felony embezzlement, theft crimes, or other criminal offenses that might result in a criminal prosecution should consider engaging top lawyers to protect their legal rights. As a result, while selecting an attorney, they should look into the following three factors:

  • Knowledge of Federal Laws
    Hiring an embezzlement attorney who is familiar with federal regulations is the safest option in your circumstance. Hire an attorney that is well-versed in Ventura, California law to reach the best possible outcome.
  • Concurrent Civil Case Experiences
    Another thing to consider while choosing the top embezzlement lawyer for you is their track record in legal precedence. Through the years, David Lehr Law has proven that we can manage any challenge. We handle anything from violent offenses like domestic abuse to narcotics crimes like possession charges and sexual assaults like rape. We’re here to assist you.
  • Availability
    When choosing an attorney to represent you in your lawsuit, look for someone who will be available throughout important moments in your case. A skilled embezzlement lawyer should be available to answer your inquiries promptly. Thankfully, David Lehr Law is attentive and present when you need them!

If you have questions about embezzlement, DUIs, violent offenses, sexual violence, or drug charges or need legal counsel in your criminal prosecution, our highly qualified Ventura embezzlement attorney can help. Please call David Lehr Law for more information about our legal services.

What is Embezzlement?

Embezzlement happens whenever somebody takes or misuses funds or property from an employer, business associate, or another individual who entrusted the embezzler with the assets.

Embezzlement is distinct from fraud or larceny (theft). The embezzler has the authority to handle the assets in a specific manner (but not to take them). Instead, the offender takes advantage of the owner’s position of trust to transfer ownership and control of the property to the embezzler (to take it).

Embezzlement is defined in California Penal Code Section 503 PC. This is classified as a white-collar crime, or all theft offenses are classified as criminal offenses. Depending on the magnitude of damages, a perpetrator might be prosecuted, including both embezzlement under Penal Code Section 503 PC and grand theft under Penal Code Section 487 PC.

Who is Liable for Embezzlement?

This crime can be filed against everyone. However, because of the ‘trust’ component of the felony, it is generally people like workers, business owners, and other professionals that face embezzlement accusations. Take into account that every rank of personnel or professional, from huge company leaders to casual sales workers, can be prosecuted for embezzlement. Whatever your title or rank, you should take any allegations or complaints of larceny thoroughly. 

What are the Examples of Embezzlement?

Embezzlement can occur in a variety of settings. Here are a handful of common instances.

How Employees Defraud on the Job

Employee embezzlement is when a worker steals funds or items from an employer (or occasionally a client) and utilizes it for personal advantage. Below are some examples of how this act might be perpetrated:

  • Selling higher than the product’s cost and recouping the difference
  • “borrowing” funds from the counter
  • transferring vendor invoices to a private email
  • bolstering an operating budget

Embezzlement of Trusted Property

Embezzlement occurs if anyone mismanages something that has been entrusted to them by another individual. For example, embezzlement can occur as a result of:

  • withdrawing funds or company funds from the bank account of a sports league or civic group
  • altering the records to conceal a financial wrongdoing
  • utilizing a customer’s litigation reward to cover operational costs
  • Selling assets and collecting the earnings before reporting to the beneficiary

What Are the Penalties for Embezzlement?

Embezzlement convictions tend to result in a penalty, jail, restitution, or all three. Each jurisdiction utilizes its own punishment plan, which frequently varies depending on the amount or kind of asset swindled and whether exacerbating conditions are present (such as stealing from an elderly adult).

Misdemeanor or felony charge. On average, the larger the cost, the heavier the punishment. For example, embezzling $1,000 may be a misdemeanor charge, but any number beyond that is a felony. A misdemeanor violation can be elevated to a felony if the object was a weapon or car (irrespective of worth) and if the offender stole from a disabled adult.

Restitution. Several jurisdictions additionally compel offenders to repay their victim (s). This generally entails compensating the complainant for the financial worth of the stolen items or cash. When appropriate, restitution is usually in extra to penalties and imprisonment for a period.

How can the Prosecution Convict you of Embezzlement in California?

According to the Penal Code Section 503 PC, the district attorney must demonstrate the following criteria in order to convict you of embezzlement:

  1. An individual has some form of connection to the complainant. In many circumstances, the connection is one of employer and worker.
  2. You were entrusted with an asset, cash, or any other valuable object throughout the period of the relationship, and
  3. You seized the asset, cash, or other valuable things with the aim of harming the rightful occupant of the property.

Embezzlement by a Public Official 

In the California Penal Code Section 504 PC, it is a crime for any federal figure, whether a state, county, city or municipality worker, to unlawfully steal any assets allocated to you in a way inconsistent with your position as a government servant. For this sort of embezzlement, all of the ingredients are the same. The only distinction is that when you seize the assets, you must be serving in professional duties as a government employee. 

California felony embezzlement or California Misdemeanor embezzlement

The prosecutors may prosecute this offense as either a criminal or a misdemeanor embezzlement. The valuation of the object is frequently used to make that assessment. If the object is worth $400 or more, the allegation can be prosecuted under Penal Code Section 487 PC, grand theft. If the object is worth less than $400, the prosecutors may prosecute you with petty theft under Penal Code Section 484 PC.

Call our Ventura Embezzlement Attorney Now!

If you or someone you care about has been charged with embezzlement in Ventura, California, you should contact David Lehr Law immediately away. Our defense attorney will use their professional qualifications to provide you with the best embezzlement criminal defense possible. 

For over 28 years, we’ve actively fought and defended cases, so we’ll actively safeguard your rights and seek to secure the finest potential resolution for you. We can help you succeed in the trial.

Embezzlement accusations are frequently litigated in California, and a professional embezzlement defense attorney may be the distinction between your liberty and imprisonment. We take legal action charged with misdemeanor and felony drug offenses, such as domestic violence, violent offenses, drunk driving charges, sexual assault charges, and drug abuse. Contact us now!

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