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Homicide is a serious crime, and there are severe punishments in place for anyone convicted of this type of crime. If you are convicted of homicide, you could face up to life in prison without the possibility of parole or potentially the death penalty.

Manslaughter is the unlawful killing of another person without malice. Voluntary manslaughter occurs when you kill someone deliberately but without premeditation. Involuntary manslaughter is killing another person without intent to kill and without malice, but with a disregard for human life. 

The charge of robbery is a violent crime that could result in severe penalties that include prison time. It is defined as the felonious taking of someone else’s property against their will and in their presence using force or fear. There are two main types of robbery — first-degree and second-degree. 

Carjacking is a serious violent crime that occurs when a person takes possession of someone’s vehicle against his will using force or fear. Additional charges could be laid if a weapon was used. Conviction includes severe punishments that could include a jail sentence and substantial fines. 

Any object that is used to commit a violent injury to another person could be a deadly weapon. If you use a car to harm someone intentionally, it can also be considered assault with a deadly weapon. The act of threatening harm is also a criminal offense. 

When someone assaults another person with a gun, the crime is elevated to assault with a firearm. As a misdemeanor, the penalties include jail time of up to a year and a fine of up to $1,000. As a felony conviction, the penalties include two to four years in state prison and a fine of up to $10,000.

Threatening to hurt or kill someone is a crime, even if you do not follow through. Criminal threats can be a misdemeanor, but if criminal threats are serious, they are considered violent crimes and charged as felonies.

State and federal laws are in place to make it illegal to commit serious offenses on behalf of a gang, join a gang, or maintain membership in a gang. Some organized crime laws may also apply to gang-related crimes. 

Arson is a serious crime with severe punishments on conviction. You may be charged with arson if you set a fire or helped or aided someone else who caused a fire to a structure, forest land, or property.

Mayhem is a serious crime that generally involves bodily harm, physical injury, and disfigurement to a victim.  With aggravated mayhem, the defendant intentionally caused damage, while with regular mayhem, the act was malicious but not intentional.

Gun charges are among the most common types of charges in California. Gun charges often accompany other criminal charges, but they carry separate and severe penalties on their own. When a crime is committed with a gun, the penalties are often enhanced. Gun charges and penalties can be complex.

Under the Three Strikes Law, defendants convicted of certain felony offenses are given strikes. Future convictions for a felony are then treated as additional strikes. The minimum sentence of someone convicted of a third felony offense is 25 years in prison, but that can extend to life in prison.

Violent Crimes

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