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Have you recently been arrested for domestic violence? Are you worried about the effects this kind of charge can have on your life? We understand how frightening and overwhelming it can be to face these kinds of charges, especially in California where domestic violence is taken extremely seriously. It’s crucial that you enlist the help of an experienced Westlake Village domestic violence defense lawyer. At Strongest Defense, we have the experience and knowledge needed to protect your legal rights and fight for your future. It’s important to act fast in situations like these – call today to schedule a free consultation so we can begin creating a thorough defense strategy! A conviction can change the course of your entire life. Allow Strongest Defense to help do everything in our power to prevent that from happening. Westlake Village Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer What Is Domestic Violence? In the state of California, it is illegal to use physical force or to communicate threats of harm against any intimate partner. Domestic violence is classified as assault, battery, or threats against a fiance, spouse, child, step-child, parent, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, nephew, niece or other cohabitant. Being accused of domestic violence is serious, but being convicted of domestic violence is an entirely different story. There are times where people are falsely accused of domestic violence. If that describes your situation, we will work diligently to clear your name and protect your reputation. Our Westlake Village domestic violence defense lawyer can possibly help you avoid going to trial at all by evaluating your case and helping you negotiate a plea bargain with a judge. We can also look for weaknesses in the prosecution’s case to get your charges reduced or dismissed all together, without any need for a plea. What Happens If I Am Charged? If you’re arrested for domestic violence, a judge will ultimately be the one to decide your fate. If it was a domestic violence felony (a more serious charge), some of the possible consequences include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Probation period of at least three years.
  • A minimum court fine of $300, plus penalties and assessments
  • A court-approved program provides 52 batterers program classes.
  • Classes on anger management, substance abuse, or parenting
  • Volunteering in the community
  • Loss of custody or contact with family due to protective order
How Our Westlake Village Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer Can Help Being accused of and charged with domestic violence has several legal and emotional implications. It can be hard to think rationally while you’re fearing for your future. Our lead Westlake Village domestic violence defense lawyer, David Lehr, understands the severity of what you’re going through. He has years of experience helping clients navigate situations like these. He also understands that your situation is unique and requires an individualized plan of defense. You can rely on him to take the time to get to know you, understand your goals, and create a strategy that will help you achieve the best possible outcome. Since domestic violence is a serious offense, it’s important to have legal guidance that you can trust. David Lehr can provide that. From explaining your charges to negotiating with prosecutors to protect your freedom, he is passionate about sticking by your side through every step of your case. Call Strongest Defense Today! If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, you need to enlist help as quickly as possible. Call Strongest Defense today to schedule a free consultation and get the representation you need with our Westlake Village domestic violence defense lawyer. We will ensure that you’re aware of your rights, options, and responsibilities. We cannot make you any promises, because every situation is different, but you can have confidence that we’ll do everything we can to build the strongest possible defense on your behalf (and you can have confidence in our track record, as we’ve done the same for many clients!). Call now.
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