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Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual Assault Charges

Our team can handle charges related to sexually-based offenses:

A rape charge is a very serious charge and falls under California Penal Code 261. Rape is defined as an act of nonconsensual sexual intercourse using force, the threat of force, or fraud.

Statutory rape is a serious criminal offense in California under Penal Code 261.5. It occurs when a person unlawfully has sex with a minor (under 18 years of age).

An allegation of child molestation or child sexual abuse is typically charged under Penal Code PC 288. This crime is a felony offense that carries significant time in state prison.

One of the most severe sex crimes offenses in California is sexual intercourse or sodomy against a victim under the age of 10 years old. Under California Penal Code 288.7, a conviction of this crime could result in a prison sentence of 25 years to life. 

Under California Penal Code 243.3, Sexual Battery may be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony. It occurs when an offender touches the intimate parts of another person without consent, for sexual gratification or sexual abuse. 

Under California Penal Code 287(2)(A), oral copulation is defined as contact between one person’s mouth and another person’s sexual organs or anus through the use of force, violence, or duress or if it is committed against a person who cannot consent.

Under California Penal Code 289, nonconsensual digital penetration with a foreign object can be charged as a felony offense that carries a maximum penalty of up to eight years in state prison.

Under California Penal Code 286, sodomy is defined as contact between the penis of one person and the anus of another person. It is a criminal offense if it occurs without consent.

California Penal Code 647(a) makes it a criminal offense to engage in or solicit inappropriate sexual conduct in a public setting. Public lewd conduct is generally a misdemeanor criminal offense.

California has strict sex offender registration requirements. If you are supposed to register as a sex offender and fail to do so, you can face a charge under California Penal Code 290.

In some cases, a sexual assault offense could carry a maximum penalty of life in state prison. If you are facing allegations with a potential life sentence, you must have legal representation.

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