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Helping clients navigate the legal system and get their lives back on track. Whether it is you or a loved one, being arrested is overwhelming and stressful. With over 28 years of experience, we guide you step by step through the court process and fight for your best possible outcome.
Our Approach

our approach

We believe that you are entitled to personalized attention from a top Ventura criminal defense firm. That’s why:
  • We are available by phone 24/7/365.
  • Clients can check on the status of their cases with our case software.
  • We endeavor to respond to every message before leaving the office each day.
  • Inside of our app, our average response time to client inquiries is 11 minutes.
  • We keep in contact with prior clients to assist them in completing probation.


David Lehr has built his 28-year legal career as a leader in the community. Previously as a Ventura County prosecutor and now in the same courts, as a criminal defense attorney. A member of the Board of Directors of the Ventura County Inns of Court, David is a strong and passionate advocate for justice.


Personalized Attention and Support

We know that every case is different. You are entitled to personalized attention for a top Ventura criminal defense attorney.
One-size-fits-all legal representation is simply not good enough in criminal cases. There is too much at stake. At Strongest Defense, our Ventura County criminal defense team is always ready to put time and resources behind your case. The defense strategy that worked well for another client may not be the right choice in your case. The prosecution has the burden of proving every element of the criminal charge beyond a reasonable doubt. If they cannot meet this burden, we will fight to get the charges thrown out. If they can meet this burden, we will focus our strategy on reaching a plea agreement that best lets you regain control of your life. No matter the charges you are facing, there is always a path forward. Let us help you find it.

Clarity of Purpose

Facing a criminal accusation is confusing, even frightening. We will help you understand exactly what is happening.
One of the biggest challenges of going through the criminal justice system is the inherent uncertainty. Unfortunately, you cannot rely on police or prosecutors to give you straight answers about what you are facing. It is easy to let your mind race to the worst case scenario. A criminal charge should always be taken seriously—but an arrest does not mean that your life is over. Our Ventura County criminal defense attorneys are here to walk you through the process. We will have your back every step of the way, making sure you understand the stakes and know exactly what is going on with your case. Our mission is simple: Provide the highest level of client-service and legal representation to each and every valued client.


We will fight to protect your legal rights. Our criminal defense is focused on getting the best outcome for our clients.
Strongest Defense provides results-focused criminal defense representation across the full range of misdemeanor and felony cases in California. Regardless of the circumstances you are facing, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you are able to obtain the best possible outcome. The best outcome is the one that puts you in the best position to regain control of your life and put a criminal charge behind you. Every case is unique. We are here to make a difference. It could be getting the unsubstantiated charges dismissed or getting a reduced sentence that allows you to avoid prison. Our law firm here to advocate for you and your loved ones. Contact us now to get immediate, confidential help with your case.


Our law firm provides honest, thoughtful, clear, and effective guidance and support to our clients. We will lead you through the difficult times and help you secure your future.




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