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Carjacking is a serious violent crime that occurs when a person takes possession of someone’s vehicle against his will using force or fear. California Penal Code 215 states that carjacking is a felony. You may be charged with additional crimes if a weapon was used in the commission of carjacking.

The conviction of carjacking includes severe punishments that could include a jail sentence and substantial fines. You may be charged with attempted carjacking when you tried or intended to take a vehicle that did not belong to you. If you were charged with carjacking, you are facing a serious felony charge that could result in severe penalties if convicted.

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In order to prove carjacking charges, the prosecutor must prove all of the elements of the crime set forth in the law. The elements of carjacking include:

  • The vehicle was taken from the immediate possession or presence of another. Immediate presence means that the victim was near the vehicle or within reach, observation, or control. 
  • The vehicle was taken against the will of the other person. The person did not give permission or consent to take or use the vehicle.
  • The vehicle was taken by force or by threat or fear. The other person was afraid of bodily harm if they did not comply with the carjacking.
  • You intended to take the vehicle permanently or temporarily. Whether you took a joyride or kept the vehicle, the charge is the same.
  • Carjacking requires that you take possession of the car and move it. You may have only moved the vehicle a short distance.

You can be convicted of carjacking only if the prosecution proves the elements of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. If you are found guilty of carjacking, you will face penalties of from one year to nine years in jail and fines of up to $10,000. Enhanced penalties may apply to carjacking charges in some circumstances.

Penalties increase when the victim suffered great bodily harm, when you used a gun in the commission of the crime, when the crime was gang-related, or when the victim died as a result of your actions. You could also face separate charges in addition to carjacking.

  • If you used a gun or other weapon during the carjacking, you will be charged with separate crimes that come with additional penalties.
  • Carjacking is subject to the California Three Strikes Law. This law adds penalties when you commit subsequent felony crimes. A second strike doubles the penalties and a third strike results in a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.
  • Someone must have been in or near the vehicle at the time of the crime. If you take a vehicle that is not attended, carjacking charges will not apply.

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