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Our team can handle charges related to Drunk Driving Offenses:

For many people arrested for driving under the influence, facing DUI charges is their first contact with the criminal justice system. Many people feel that their only option is to go into court and plead guilty.

We work tirelessly to pursue all possible angles for having our clients’ charges dropped or minimizing the consequences of a conviction.

Ventura County is one of the strictest jurisdictions in the nation regarding prosecuting charges for DUI. As a result, aside from routine first-time offenses, essentially any charge can be considered a “serious DUI” in Ventura County. Since we appear before the DUI judges daily, we have developed special procedures to help you reduce the consequences of your DUI case.

With your freedom, money, and personal reputation hanging in the balance, it is critical to have an experienced Ventura DUI lawyer on your side.

Drunk Driving Charges

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