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Are you tired of dealing with the stress and consequences of a traffic ticket in Ventura, California? Look no further than David Lehr Law, your premier traffic ticket attorney in Ventura, CA. With years of experience and a proven track record of success, David Lehr is here to fight for your rights and protect your driving record.

David Lehr and his team are well-versed in traffic ticket defense, and they have helped countless clients in Ventura, CA get their tickets dismissed, reduced, or avoid points on their driving record. We understand that traffic tickets can have serious implications on your life, including hefty fines, points on your driving record, and even potential license suspension.

Don’t let a traffic ticket ruin your day, week, or year. Contact our Ventura criminal defense lawyer today to schedule a consultation. Let us help you get back on the road with confidence and peace of mind.

What is a Traffic Ticket?

Minor driving crimes or equipment violations, such as running a red light, speeding, or having a broken tail light, might result in a traffic ticket. These tickets are dealt with in traffic court. The ticket will include instructions on how to handle the ticket and which county court will handle it.

Following the processing of the ticket, the court will send you additional information, known as a notice to appear or notice. The notice states:

  • What the penalty is (called bail)
  • How to Pay a Fine or Challenge a Ticket
  • Your due date

You must complete the ticket by the deadline. The court’s notice will clarify how to do so. You may get the details on the court’s site as well. The name of the court appears on both the ticket and the notice. If you misplaced the ticket or have yet to receive the notice, call the court in the area where the ticket was issued.

Types of Traffic Tickets

If you’ve ever gotten a traffic ticket, you know how it can be a real bummer. The first thing that comes to mind is the cost of the ticket, and then what could happen if you don’t pay on time or miss your court date. When you’re pulled over, there are several kinds of tickets, but here’s a breakdown of the types of tickets:

  • Speeding – One of the most prevalent grounds for a traffic ticket is speeding. Read about the many sorts of speeding regulations and find connections to resources on state speeding laws and common speeding punishments.
  • Driving While Distracted – With the proliferation of cell phones, distracted driving has reached an all-time high. Read about distracted driving rules in general, driving while texting regulations, handheld cell phone use laws, primary enforcement legislation, and more.

  • Driving while not in possession of a valid driver’s license – Driving without a valid driver’s license is illegal in every state. Discover your state’s driving without a licensing statute to learn about driving without a license and the consequences that come with it.
  • Leaving the Accident Scene – In most places, leaving the site of an accident is a serious offense, especially if anyone was wounded in the mishap. Learn about the aspects of hit-and-run offenses and a driver’s responsibilities following an accident.
  • Reckless Driving – Most states have rules against driving “recklessly” or “willfully” disregarding the safety of others. This section contains information about dangerous behaviors such as racing and eluding police.
  • Running a Stop Sign or a Red Light – One of the most hazardous infractions a driver can make is failing to stop at a red light or stop sign. Learn about your state’s traffic control.

A traffic ticket attorney in Ventura, CA can help you understand your options and develop the best possible defense strategy for your case. If you’ve been issued a traffic ticket or citation, don’t hesitate to seek legal advice from a qualified attorney to protect your rights and driving record.

What Are The Penalties And Fines For Traffic Ticket Violations?

According to Section 42001 of the California Vehicle Code, driving violations in California are often punished as follows:

  • A first infraction is penalized by a maximum $100 fine.
  • The maximum penalty for a second offense within one year after a prior conviction is $200.
  • Third or subsequent offenses within a year are fined up to $250.

In addition to the main fine, you must also pay additional fees. For instance, a $100 base fine for running a red light will result in approximately $500 in fines and penalties. 

Numerous violations carry particular fines and punishments. Among these violations and their consequences are the following:

Speeding 100 miles per hour – Vehicle Code Sections 22348(b) and 42000.1

Two driving record points

  • First offense: fine up to $500 and license suspension for 30 days
  • Second offense within three years: fine up to $750 and license suspension for six months.
  • Third offense within five years: a fine of up to $1000 and license suspension for one year.


Parking in a loading/unloading zone in violation of Vehicle Code sections 22500(i), (l), and 42001.5

Fines start at $250


Littering on a public highway in violation of Vehicle Code sections 23111, 23112, 23113(a), and 42001.7

  • First offense: $100 to $1,000 fine, eight hours clearing up trash or removing graffiti
  • Second offense: $500 to $1,000 fine and 16 hours picking up trash or removing graffiti.
  • Third offense: $750-$1,000 and 24 hours of litter picking or graffiti removal


Driving while using a cellphone – Vehicle Code Sections 23123, 23123.5, and 23124

  • First offense: $20 fine (about $165 in total expenses).
  • Second infraction: $50 fine


Vehicle Code Sections 27315(d)-(f); not wearing a seat belt (h)

  • First offense: $20 maximum fine
  • second or subsequent violation: $50 maximum fine


Failure to employ a child safety seat – Vehicle Code sections 27360 and 27360.6

  • First infraction: $100 fine
  • Second offense: a fine of $250

How Many Points Before a California Driver’s License Gets Suspended?

If you are a generally cautious driver with a single point on your license, your license is probably safe. Yet, there are occasions in which a negligent driver will result in a six-month license suspension.

If any of the following occur:

  • 4 points in one year
  • 6 points within 24 months
  • 8 points in three years
  • Your driver’s license will be revoked.


How Long Do Points Remain on a Driver’s Record?

For offenses such as failing to stop completely, making an illegal turn, or exceeding the speed limit, these points will remain on your license for three years. Yet, the longer points remain on your license, the more severe the offense. For offenses such as DUI, the maximum sentence is ten years.

Why Do I Need a Traffic Ticket Attorney Ventura Ca.?

If you’ve received a traffic ticket in Ventura, California, hiring a traffic ticket attorney is crucial. Not only can a skilled attorney help you avoid costly fines and points on your driving record, but they can also save you time and stress by representing you in court.

David Lehr Law is an exceptional choice for those in need of a traffic ticket attorney in Ventura, CA. We take pride in our ability to develop effective defense strategies tailored to your unique circumstances. We understand that every case is different and requires a personalized approach. We will work tirelessly to reduce or dismiss fines and penalties, avoid negative impacts on your driving record and insurance rates, and protect your rights.


What Makes A Good Traffic Ticket Attorney Ventura, CA?

Here are some qualities that make a good traffic ticket attorney in Ventura, CA:

  • Experience: A good traffic ticket attorney should have extensive experience in defending clients against traffic violations and a deep understanding of the law and legal procedures.


  • Communication Skills: A good attorney should be able to communicate clearly and effectively with clients, court officials, and prosecutors.


  • Strategic Thinking: A good traffic ticket attorney should be able to analyze the specific details of each case and develop a customized defense strategy to achieve the best possible outcome.


  • Professionalism: A good attorney should demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of their work, including punctuality, appearance, and demeanor.


  • Responsiveness: A good traffic ticket attorney should be accessible and responsive to their client’s needs and concerns.


David Lehr Law exemplifies all of these qualities and more. David Lehr has years of experience representing clients in traffic violation cases and has a deep understanding of California traffic laws. He is a skilled communicator and strategic thinker, and his professionalism and responsiveness set him apart.

At David Lehr Law, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible outcome for their cases. We understand the stress and anxiety that come with traffic violations and will work tirelessly to reduce or dismiss fines and penalties, avoid negative impacts on your driving record and insurance rates, and protect your rights.

Schedule a consultation with David Lehr Law today and let us fight for you.

Call our Traffic Ticket Attorney in Ventura, CA Now!

Traffic tickets are no joke. The consequences of a traffic ticket conviction can be serious, especially when they involve a drunk driving offense. In addition to the costly fine and points on your auto insurance, you will pay an amount even larger.

Do you know what is worse than the hefty fine? The demerit points. In the worst-case scenario, if you are not able to pay for your ticket or fight your traffic tickets yourself, consider hiring a traffic ticket attorney. Our Traffic Ticket Attorney Ventura Ca strives to help you preserve your driving privileges and keep money in your pocket. 

David Lehr Law has successfully represented clients for many years. Get the help of a traffic ticket attorney today. We’ll fight your ticket and reduce it or have it dismissed.

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