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When facing DUI charges in Ventura, Santa Barbara or Los Angeles County, choosing the right DUI defense attorney can be the most important decision you make about your case. For high-profile individuals, not only do you need someone with the knowledge and experience to help you beat your charges or minimize your penalties, you also need someone who can help you keep your case out of the public eye.

High Profile DUIs

An Experienced Ventura High Profile DUI Lawyer

David Lehr is a highly-respected defense attorney who has significant experience representing clients in Ventura high-profile DUIs. As a former prosecutor who has handled thousands of DUIs involving arrests in Ventura, Oxnard, Camarillo and the surrounding areas, Mr. Lehr is the right choice to represent you in your case.

Mr. Lehr began his legal career in 1993 as a Deputy District Attorney in Ventura County. After thirteen years handling a seemingly insurmountable caseload and obtaining convictions and guilty pleas in a wide variety of criminal cases, Mr. Lehr transitioned into private practice. Today, he focuses his practice on Ventura DUI defense. Located in Ventura, The Law Offices of David Lehr represents professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, doctors, judges, executives and other prominent individuals in high-profile DUI cases throughout Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles Counties.

Considerations for Facing Ventura High Profile DUI Charges

In most cases where we represent high-profile individuals, two of our clients’ primary concerns are:

  • Avoiding the publicity of going to trial, and
  • Avoiding jail time.

When a client seeks to avoid trial, we work diligently to build the strongest possible defense in order to negotiate a favorable plea. Trial can always be avoided—it is reduction or elimination of your charges and penalties where having an experienced, local DUI defense attorney comes into play. There are also steps that can be taken following the DUI arrest process to help limit the publicity of your case.

In terms of jail time, our first priority is always to avoid sentencing entirely. However, if a jail sentence is unavoidable due to the circumstances of your arrest, we then turn our focus to minimizing the length of your stay and helping you successfully apply for the “pay and stay” program. “Pay and stay” allows you to pay around $150 to $200 per day to serve your sentence in a separate facility away from the general population with a private room and limited amenities.

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