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The Ventura County DUI Court Process

Nearly every person who is arrested for a DUI in Ventura County is booked at the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department Main Jail. Among the paperwork that you receive is a green sheet that contains the charges for which you were arrested, as well as your court date and the address of the court where your case will be heard. This is the start of the Ventura County DUI court process.

One of the benefits to hiring The Law Offices of David Lehr to defend your Ventura DUI case is that you will not actually have to go to court – our Ventura DUI lawyer goes for you. While many people believe that it will look good to the judge if they show up in court, in reality this has no impact on the DUI court process in Ventura County. We are in court on Ventura DUI cases every day of the week, and the judges and the prosecutors expect us to show up on behalf of our clients.

Continuing Your Arraignment and Obtaining the Police Report

The first part of the DUI court process in Ventura County is called an arraignment. We will appear at the arraignment on your behalf. In nearly all of our Ventura DUI cases, when we appear we will seek to continue (postpone) the arraignment for a period of six weeks, and we use this opportunity to obtain a copy of your police reports from the District Attorney so that we can get to work building your defense.

We will also provide you with a copy of the police reports. While our experience has given us the knowledge to attack a Ventura DUI case from every angle, it is you who were there, and you who can tell us if the arresting officer’s version of events is inaccurate.

Should I Take My Ventura DUI Case to Trial?

Following the Pre-Trial Conference, your Ventura DUI case will be set for trial. The decision whether or not to try your Ventura DUI case is always up to you. Our job is to advise you on the chances of success so that you can make an informed decision how to proceed with your case. If you choose not to go to trial, our Thousand Oaks DUI attorney will do everything possible under the law to minimize the punishment for your Ventura DUI.

In the Ventura County DUI Court Process, Experience Counts

As a former Ventura County Deputy District Attorney and an experienced DUI defense lawyer, David Lehr is intimately familiar with how your Ventura County DUI case will be prosecuted. He has personally handled thousands of Ventura DUI cases, and he will use this experience to fight for the best possible outcome in your Ventura County DUI. To request a free consultation with a DUI lawyer in Camarillo, please contact us today.

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