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Facing a DUI felony charge in Ventura is a big deal. In addition to potentially facing years in California state prison, individuals convicted on DUI felony charges in Ventura also face severe fines, mandatory participation in an expensive alcohol or drug treatment program, loss of their driver’s license, and other significant long-term ramifications.

The Law Offices of David Lehr is a Ventura DUI felony law firm with substantial experience successfully representing clients facing DUI felony charges in Ventura County. If you are facing a DUI felony in Ventura, Oxnard or Camarillo, you need to hire a competent defense attorney who knows the local court system, and who can provide the best possible representation for your DUI felony charge. To discuss your case with our experienced Ventura DUI felony lawyer, contact us today.

Are You Facing a DUI Felony in Ventura County?

In Ventura County, there are three different types of DUI felony charges. All three carry serious penalties, including loss of your driver’s license and possible incarceration for three years or longer.

California law provides that a DUI will be charged as a felony if:

  • The DUI involves an accident resulting in serious personal injury or death to someone other than the driver charged;
  • The driver has three prior California DUI misdemeanor charges within the past ten years; or
  • The driver has at least one prior felony DUI charge within the past ten years.

Possible Defenses to Ventura DUI Felony Charges

There are numerous possible defenses to Ventura DUI felony charges. However, in order to preserve all possible defenses for your DUI felony charge, it is best to start working immediately with an experienced Ventura DUI felony lawyer who can quickly gather evidence and speak with police officers and the prosecutor about your case. The longer you wait, the more likely it becomes that a possible defense will slip through the cracks.

Some possible defenses to Ventura DUI felony charges include:

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Getting Ventura DUI Felony Charges Reduced or Dismissed

Ventura County police and prosecutors are notorious for overcharging DUI as a felony when only a misdemeanor charge is warranted by the circumstances. In addition, in many cases a lack of evidence or questions about the credibility of evidence can lead prosecutors to agree to reduce a Ventura DUI felony charge to a misdemeanor. In many cases, we are able to have our clients’ DUI charges dismissed entirely.

Free Consultation with a Ventura DUI Felony Lawyer

David Lehr is one of the most well-respected DUI felony attorneys in Ventura County. If you are facing a DUI felony charge in Ventura, Oxnard or Camarillo, click here to schedule a free consultation with Mr. Lehr.

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