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False Charges

Defendants in criminal cases are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but pleading not guilty to some charges is an uphill battle. When people hear the words “domestic violence,” they assume you are a monster. If you get charged with domestic violence, the Ventura, California criminal defense lawyers at Strongest Defense can help reveal the truth of your innocence.


If you go through a bad breakup or a contentious divorce, your ex-partner or ex-spouse might say all kinds of terrible things about you to sabotage your relationship with your children or even your career. Rest assured, though, that the standard of evidence is high in criminal cases. It is much easier for your ex to convince your former in-laws that you are scum than it is for her to convince 12 unbiased jurors that you are guilty of domestic violence.

What happens if your ex-partner accuses you of domestic violence, when the two of you have children together? Domestic violence cases do not always end with a criminal conviction, and they do not even have to involve the criminal court.

  • It is very easy to get a temporary restraining order for domestic violence, but then a judge must decide whether to extend it.
  • Your ex-spouse’s false allegations of domestic violence could count against her, or against you, in a child custody case.
  • While your criminal case is pending, the court might order you to have supervised parenting time only with your children.
  • Even if the jury acquits you in criminal court, the family court judge might still treat you like you are an abuser.
  • If your ex gets a restraining order against you, leave her alone. Violating the restraining order makes things worse.

As you read this, thousands of Americans are serving prison sentences for crimes they did not commit. Do not assume that, just because you are innocent, everyone will notice.  By law, you are innocent until proven guilty, but the prosecution will try to persuade the jury that you are guilty even if you are not. Do not let the prosecution intimidate you into pleading guilty if you are innocent. With the help of your Ventura domestic violence defense lawyer, the truth will prevail.

You might be wondering how an innocent person can get convicted of domestic violence?  It might happen just because the accuser is a convincing liar. It might also happen because the criminal justice system is notoriously unjust toward people who do not have the best criminal defense lawyers:

  • The prosecution might try to avoid disclosing exculpatory evidence (evidence that points to the defendant’s innocence) to the defendant’s lawyer, even though the law requires it.
  • Your ex and her accomplices might go way out of their way to frame you for domestic violence, just because your ex is angry about your breakup or child custody battle.
  • Investigators might try to trick you into saying something incriminating during questioning.  Remember that you have the right to remain silent and to have a lawyer present.

If you are falsely accused, stay calm, stay silent, and contact a criminal defense lawyer. The lawyers at Strongest Defense will help you set the record straight and clear your name.

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A single fight between you and your ex could get you charged with domestic violence, false imprisonment, various property crimes, or other criminal offenses. There are two sides to every story, and if your ex is accusing you of things you did not do, the court will give you a chance to tell your side. The information on this web page is for your information only. The criminal defense lawyers at Strongest Defense can only give you legal advice within an attorney/client relationship. Contact Strongest Defense in Ventura, California to discuss your case.

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