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Alternative Sentencing for Ventura DUIs – Work Release and Work Furlough

Facing even a forty-eight hour jail sentence in Ventura County jail is enough to give you heart palpitations. If you are facing significant jail time for a second or third Ventura DUI, you may also be concerned about losing your job.

Fortunately, the punishment system for Ventura DUIs offers alternative sentencing options that can keep you out of jail – and allow you to keep your job. These include work release and work furlough.

Work Release as an Alternative Sentence for Ventura DUIs

As an alternative to jail time, many of our clients facing sentencing for a standard first-time Ventura DUI choose the option to instead serve in the Ventura work release program. Work release is community service supervised by jail personnel, and is usually performed at the Ventura Government Center (although you actually report to the program near the Camarillo Airport).

For first-time DUI convictions, you will typically be required to participate in the Ventura work release program for five days. However, you do not have to serve all five days consecutively. Typically, if faced with a five-day work release sentence, you will be required to serve one day during the week, and then you can serve the remaining days on weekends. The judges in Ventura DUI cases generally allow a couple of months to complete a standard five-day work release sentence.

Work Furlough as an Alternative Sentence for Ventura DUIs

Work furlough is an entirely different program from work release. Work furlough allows individuals facing extended jail sentences for multiple DUI convictions to maintain their existing employment instead of going to jail. Under work furlough, you are required to spend nights at the work furlough facilities near the Camarillo Airport, but you are permitted to leave the facilities during the day to go to your job.

Individuals convicted of multiple DUIs in Ventura are not automatically approved for the work furlough program. In order to become eligible, among other things you need to be able to demonstrate that you are able to get to and from work in a legal manner – which can be difficult if your driver’s license has been suspended. You must also be facing a jail sentence of not less than thirty days. At The Law Offices of David Lehr, we assist individuals facing jail time for second and third DUIs with satisfying the requirements to become eligible for the work furlough program.

Free Consultation with a Ventura DUI Lawyer for Work Release and Work Furlough

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If you are facing a first-time Ventura DUI conviction and are interested in work release, or if you are facing a second or third DUI charge and have questions about the Ventura work furlough program,contact us now to schedule a free consultation about your case.

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