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Should I Take a Plea Deal for a DUI Charge in Ventura County?


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Negotiating a plea deal in a California DUI case

A DUI charge can come with long-lasting consequences. The situation can be stressful and a conviction might leave you with problems getting or keeping employment and financial issues that can keep you from attaining your dreams. A DUI charge can result in serious penalties that could include the suspension of your driver’s license, jail time, fines, community service, probation, and more.

Many cases get resolved before they get to court, sometimes with a plea deal. An experienced DUI defense attorney will assist you with your case and help you determine the best way to proceed. 

What is a Plea Deal in California?

A plea deal or plea bargain is an agreement between the prosecutor and defendant that ends the case with a guilty plea, typically to a lower offense or with a reduced penalty. A plea deal concludes the case with successful prosecution, as the defendant pleads guilty to one or several charges. The plea bargain allows the case to end without going to court.

Not all plea deals are the same, and the decision to agree to a plea deal is yours alone. Many times, an experienced defense attorney will negotiate your case to help you achieve the best plea deal possible. 

Who Benefits From a California Plea Deal in a DUI Case?

Ideally, a plea deal for a DUI in California should be beneficial to both parties (tilting toward the alleged DUI offender). Many DUI plea deals, however, are not fair. A prosecutor may prefer a plea deal when he does not have sufficient evidence to be certain of a successful prosecution. Plea deals sometimes offer defendants a way to resolve the case more quickly, which can make things easier and less stressful.

The state would like to impose a sentence to give the defendant a deterrent from getting another DUI. At the same time, they want to keep the process fast and easy so they can process more cases. A good plea deal for the defendant is one in which the outcome will more likely be more favorable than if the case goes to trial. 

How Can I Make Sure I Get the Best Plea Deal for a DUI?

It is important to review all aspects of your case before you make a decision to accept a plea deal. Someone with legal representation from a skilled defense attorney will be more apt to obtain a better plea deal than if you don’t have an attorney. Remember that every case is different and a plea deal can never guarantee that the outcome is better than what would have occurred in court.

If you are considering a plea deal in your DUI case, keep in mind the penalties and how they impact you now and in the future. It may be better to plead guilty if the prosecutor has strong evidence against you in the case. Your attorney may work to limit some of the evidence if it was invalid or obtained illegally and that could strengthen your bargaining power.

In DUI cases and plea deals, keep in mind that a plea deal is essentially saying you are guilty, and unless you were able to avoid a charge of a DUI specifically, that DUI can be used against you if you are ever charged again with a DUI. A second or subsequent DUI conviction carries harsher penalties.

Also, in DUI cases and plea deals, no two cases are alike and each has a unique set of facts, evidence, and circumstances to consider. An experienced DUI defense attorney is in the best position to review your case and advise you on any plea deal offered or negotiated.

Experienced DUI Defense Attorney in Ventura CA

A knowledgeable defense attorney will work on your behalf to try to get the best outcome for your case. Keep in mind that a plea deal is not guaranteed and if the case does go to trial it can result in a stronger sentence. To get the legal help you need, contact Strongest Defense, PC online or by phone at (805) 477-0070 for a free case evaluation. We are your strongest defense in Ventura, California.