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Will a DUI Conviction Affect My Career in California?


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DUI convictions and careers

The day you were arrested for DUI is probably one of the worst days of your life. You certainly were having a bad day, and you may have made some poor choices. If you were charged with DUI, it is essential to fight the charges as vigorously as possible to prevent conviction. A DUI conviction in California carries some serious penalties that may include jail time, fines, alcohol education, community service, probation, and more. Your career can also be affected by a DUI conviction–by preventing you from seeking or being able to continue employment in some types of jobs. 

Careers Affected by DUI Convictions in Ventura CA

A DUI conviction becomes part of your permanent record. Employers and others may use this information when they hire new employees. Some companies have rules in place that do not allow them to employ someone convicted of DUI within a certain period of time. Some types of careers are affected more readily by a DUI conviction.

  • Commercial driver – Aside from a driver’s license suspension, if you drive for a living you will likely have some issues with your job. Some commercial trucking companies as well as services such as Uber have policies in place that do not allow them to employ those with DUI convictions. 
  • Bus driver – Bus drivers, including school bus drivers, generally must have a clean driving record to keep their positions. A DUI in the past may be allowed, depending on the length of time since the conviction. 
  • Teacher – School teachers and others who work with children, may have particular restrictions as to a criminal record. Therefore, you may not be allowed to obtain or stay in a teaching position, based on the specific job guidelines.
  • Pilot – Commercial pilots are generally held to a high standard of conduct. They are responsible for the lives of passengers and therefore companies conduct rigorous background checks prior to hiring.
  • Health professionals – Doctors, nurses, paramedics, and others must be able to provide expert care to patients. Hospitals and other health industry employers will verify the background to check for DUI convictions prior to employment.

Professional Licenses & Careers Affected by DUI Convictions in California

Careers affected by DUI convictions are often those careers that require a professional license. Some jobs require you to have a professional license in order to work in the profession. Pilots, medical professionals, realtors, drivers, movers, daycare providers, and many others must have professional licenses in order to work in California. There are more than 50 regulatory agencies that provide licensing in a variety of industries. Some of the agencies are under the California Department of Consumer Affairs, DCA. 

Professional licensing boards have their own standards and guidelines that you must follow in order to maintain your professional license. Members are usually required to report a DUI or other conviction and the board may take disciplinary action. Some of the disciplinary actions they might take include warnings or citations, fines, censures, testing, community service, and more. They may also suspend someone’s license or limit their ability to practice for a period of time. These actions could affect your career indefinitely. 

Companies and licensing boards may have rules in place that punish those with DUI convictions. They can limit the hiring of an individual with DUI convictions or can take actions against an employee with a DUI conviction. A DUI conviction can severely limit your ability to maintain employment or to get hired in the first place. If you have a DUI charge it is imperative that you seek legal help to present an aggressive defense. 

Contact a Resourceful DUI Defense Attorney in Ventura CA

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